Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sun #1 Unix seller in 2004

This article quoted the yearly gertner report that just came out, stating:
"Sun retained the top Unix sales position, with $5.14 billion in sales, compared to HP's $4.89 billion and IBM's $4.32 billion. If IBM's current 7 percent Unix growth rate for 2004 holds and HP's and Sun's Unix sales continue to shrink by their respective 7.8 percent and 5.3 percent, Sun will still be the number one Unix vendor in 2005, but HP will drop to number three behind IBM."

And the report corresponds to a time when Sun hadn't even unleashed the power of Solaris10. Hopefully, things can only get better hereon. What will HP & IBM do? Run for cover and take refuge under Linux and Windows to escape the wrath of Solaris.The battle has only just begun (with Sun changing the rules of the game, again) :-)

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