Thursday, December 22, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pet peeves at work

Some things I have no patience for in a work environment (more relevant to the indian scenario):

Type 1]"I'm taking a break => so must you"

This is the number one kind of pest in the Indian corporate setup that you can come across. People who keep peering at their screens for hours at end, finally decide they need a break. So, what do they do? Barge into someone else' cubicle, nose around, pass comments in general, play the fool and expect the other person to reciprocate. Remember, that person has no work except to entertain this moron.

Type 2] "What's he doing to get an edge over me?"

This kind of a pest has NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR ANYONE'S PRIVACY. Has to keep peeping into everyone's screen, finding out what great tech article the other guy is reading (& getting an edge over this moron?Who cares? ) They constantly have this insecurity that they're losing the edge & the other guy is going one up over this loser. So, whether you're writing code ("it's our product's code that he's keying in - i have a right to see it too"), reading an article ("this guy refuses to waste time on orkut like i do. Doesn't he have a life?") or composing a mail("ah, finally"), he must look into your screen. My response is generally one of these:

1)That's none of your business sucker.
2)You call yourself a professional?
3)"Etiquette" - ever heard of it?
4)"Self respect" - not heard of this either?
5)I'll tell you when you're allowed to play sherlock & look over my shoulder.
6)Do your own thing
7)Spending a year in the industry doesn't make you "experienced". It takes mental maturity to understand how a professional work environment functions. This isn't your college. Time to grow up/
8)(And if push comes to shove..) Go fly a kite.

Type 3] Hypocrisy

The same pest who has admirable qualities 1] & 2] also talks of how the Indian IT industry "isnt't professional enough compared to that in the US of A " - look who's talking.

The bottom line -you need to mature dear, and mature fast. Poke your nose into other' biz only when you're asked to. Don't impose your schedule, your mood & your state of mind on others. Do your own thing. If your feeling bored, go to the rooftop,get some fresh air or even better, fly away from there. But learn to be professional, for christ sakes. This isn't your damn college!! Get the message, yes?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Niagara thunders down in full force

The enormity of Niagara's processing capability & it's power efficiency are simply overwhelming every other system in it's class built to date. The amount of buzz it's deservingly generated is quite amazing, to say the least. And HP, as usual, has shown it's class by resorting to FUD. Alan Hargreaves has responded fittingly. Some more information on the niagara boxes & the records that they've been setting. btw, Sun's open sourcing the design & validation code for the UltraSparc T1 (Niagara). More links:,1895,1896866,00.asp

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