Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Jonathan schwartz rocks!!!!If there's anyone who will get sun roaring back to the top, it this genius.And nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see Sun spanking technologically inferior,zero innovation companies like HP. So much for "HP Invent". They'll now have to invent new ways of explaining their declining revenues. Hail Sun!!
Here're some articles that're indeed heartening to read..
1)Sun's successful "HP away" program
2)Sparc sets the pace
And here's schwartz himself with his brilliant write up on HP's screwed up startegies and even more screwed up operating system.It's a must read.HP can continue with it's "Solaris to linux migration kit" and see where it takes it. It might also help them if they rewrite parts of that kit to help people migrate from HP-UX. They might make up some revenues that way atleast.
Meanwhile, Sun posts profits for the first time in several quarters and is well on it's way to regaining it's position as the market leader, rightly so.
And then there was light, with the sun shining bright...