Friday, February 04, 2005

The Linux jihad against SUN (Read:bite the hand that wants to feed you)

Excellent blog by one Sid art on why the penguins are scared stiff by Solaris and keep comforting themselves by flaming Sun and labelling Sun "evil"
Random Thoughts: The Linux jihad against SUN: "The Linux jihad against SUN".
A followup on it by Simon Phipps is also really lucid.And, of course, i happened to read all this through Alan Hargreaves' entry. My comments posted there...

" Wise guy stallman has added more fuel to the fire, further misleading the already confused,terrified,insecure slashdot crowd. As simon phipps righty pointed out, they find themselves ill equipped to understand CDDL, and find solace in blindly attacking Sun. You need not be a lawyer to understand that OSI approval implies patent protected for the relevant IP.You need to remember that they've already done the legal homework on behalf of the community.So, why panic (or blindly flame Sun, Mr.Stallman)?"

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