Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Be an angel, throw the linux word on slashdot

Alan Hargreaves pointed out a couple of appalingly biased articles on ZDNet. Quite infuriating, really.This is what i posted under the comments...
"The first (anonymous) comment couldn't have said it better. The community blindly,desperately wants to "see sun revealed as the evil one". That's just not going to happen. Why?Because there ISN'T any evil,ulterior motive behind sun's moves. The community (read slashdotters) loves dancing to the tunes of IBM & HP. Just throw the Linux word and they'll fall head-over-heels. It's so distressingly easy to manipulate them. Which is exaclty what IBM did with their 500 patents, as jonathan pointed out. And what do they do when they're gifted a better operating system? Call the benefactor "evil" and "a bed-fellow of MS". The bias became even more obvious when a story-submission regarding the relevance of IBM's patents was simply rejected outright at slashdot.No surprises there.

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