Monday, July 17, 2006

Google's hiring process: Boon/Bane?

Interesting digg on Google's messed up hiring process. Can't help but sympathize with some of those guys, especially after hearing the tale of a friend (from school): This guy goes through the the usual process (for a developer's position) - lotsa prepping, anxiety, sweating, mental stress, and tons & tons of tricky questions that made up the grilling technical interviews. He does reasonably well and is told ,"You're through with the tech rounds. Your profile's being reviewed". As is the case with most people, he begins to dream. Then... days & weeks pass... blank. No response. Then one day, he's told (something to the effect of), "Sorry, but your college background isn't good enough. You're not from an "elite" college. Besides, you could've scored better in your theoritical papers". The question to ask is, what were the technical interviews for?
What was the resume submitted for? Couldn't those guys look at the college name/marks right then and figure out that his "pedigree" was "good enough" for them? Why waste his time, effort and mental energy on this futile exercise and shut the door in my face?
Moral: Don't dream of goog unless you're from an elite college and you've maxed all your exams in college. You'd be wasting your time.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thus sang the cuckoo...

...outside my window, that is. :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

More Argentine match replays: Maxi Rodriguez's goal

The brilliant goal by Maxi Rodriguez against Mexico. Again, as this video proves, Argentina played some of the best soccer on display in this world cup & atleast deserved a place in the finals, if nothing else. But pekerman had to make that tactical blunder...

The goal of the world cup

The 24-pass goal by Argentina with a touch of magic from Hernan Crespo.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Green lost in the gray

A must read - Green lost in the gray. Explains why eco conservation in the cities is as important as that in the countryside.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Microsoft to support ODF!

Believe it! Microsoft "Expands" Document Interoperability says their press release. Obviously, market pressure can work miracles.

World cup soccer rewind: Argentina 1986

The other goal that defined Maradona. This one seemed to use the feet of god himself.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Soccer World Cup '06 is over me atleast. When Germany undeservingly won over Argentina by way of penalty shootouts. A team relying heavily on purchased, imported players (Klose,Podoloski...) "defeated" a truly talented side through what has come to be a lottery (that's what penalty shootouts are). I hope justice will be done and those *$!#^ Germans will be beaten hollow in the years to come, while Argentina claim the cup the next time atleast. In this gloom, one can seek recourse to this legend: “The Pope is German. God is Argentine — Diego X.” Argentina's time shall come.