Saturday, July 01, 2006

Soccer World Cup '06 is over me atleast. When Germany undeservingly won over Argentina by way of penalty shootouts. A team relying heavily on purchased, imported players (Klose,Podoloski...) "defeated" a truly talented side through what has come to be a lottery (that's what penalty shootouts are). I hope justice will be done and those *$!#^ Germans will be beaten hollow in the years to come, while Argentina claim the cup the next time atleast. In this gloom, one can seek recourse to this legend: “The Pope is German. God is Argentine — Diego X.” Argentina's time shall come.


De-Scribe said...

The Args have only themselves to blame. It was a tactical blunder on the part of the Coach. Where was Messi? The Requelme substitution. tch..tch

Bharath said...

True. Those were major goof ups. Anyways, justice was done & the german shepherds lost in the most disappointing manner possible to italy (2 goals in the last 2 minutes of extra time!!)