Friday, October 21, 2005

Town hall with John Fowler

Just came back from a town meeting with John Fowler at the cafeteria. Man, does he speak fast. He probably provides a stiff competition to Bryan Cantrill in speed of speech. And he really is earning is salary - every cent of it. The fact that he's an Engineer-turned-manager showed up on several occasions when he answered technical questions in the Q&A with great ease (including a rebuttal to HP's claims on cache pollution in the Niagara). He must've been a good engineer. But is he a good orator ! He had the audience in a trance during the whole session, treating us to delightful technical tidbits, interesting stats, marketing theories and an amusing old story on how he first me Andy Bechtolsheim.
Sun is in good hands - you can be sure of that.

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