Thursday, October 27, 2005

Meeting Geoff Arnold

This is why i just love working at Sun. If you swear by distributed computing, could you ask for anything more than a meeting with one of the Jini Engineers? That's right, I got to meet Geoff Arnold. I mustered enough courage to ask him about decentralized discovery in Jini and querying/aggregating partial results in a distributed computing system (like project neuromancer). He was in Bangalore to talk the JBI folks, and set aside some time for a talk on "the future of distributed computing". Need i say that it was nothing short of enlightening and inspiring? And does someone have to tell me that I'm working at exactly the right place? :-)

Correction: I had previously (erroneously) stated that Geoff Arnold was one of the *original* Jini team members. (See the comments.)
Sorry about the gaffe, Geoff. :-)

Update: Geoff Arnold has since moved to Amazon


Supreeth said...

yes ur at the right place :) cool man very inspirational page!!!

Geoff Arnold said...

I actually wasn't one of the original Jini engineers. I suspect that you're thinking of Ken Arnold. I'm an enthusiastic supporter of Jini, but I can't claim authorship.

Of course there's a long tradition of people confusing me with Ken....