Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Why Eclipse users are moving to NetBeans

Good read...http://cld.blog-city.com/read/1126337.htm
No surprises there. Eclipse's SWT sucks on Linux while NetBeans behaves like the angel that it is even on Windows. Why? NetBeans' UI It's pure java. No native code at the Window Manager Level. It doesn't try to make native calls for showing every small widget (like SWT does). SWT, that wy, is an antithesis to the java philosophy (where you have all the native code only at the VM level and avoid, to the extent, possible, native calls at your app level to keep your code truly class platform). Naive windows users fall for the "oh so windows-like" look and feel on exlipse on Windoze. Try it on Linux or Mac and you'll know the difference (in speed & LAF) between Eclipse and NetBeans. Eclipse looks broken & frayed on all other platforms except Windows. And if like Eclipse's "native" LaF so much, i'm afraid, you're tending towards an C++ based Java IDE like MS J++ (and you have not right to call yourself a true blue Java dude).

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