Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Solaris album of white papers.

An excellent compilation of articles on Solaris' implementation of various OS sub systems.

Published by Sun's Ozan yigit> :

Shared Libraries in SunOS

Virtual Memory Architecture in SunOS

SunOS Virtual Memory Implementation

Realtime Scheduling in SunOS 5.0

SunOS Multi-thread Architecture

Beyond Multiprocessing: Multithreading the SunOS Kernel

Implementing Lightweight Threads

Symmetric Multiprocessing in Solaris 2.0 [link not found]
Proceedings of the thirty-seventh international conference on COMPCON,
San Francisco, California, 1992

Vnodes: An Architecture for Multiple File System Types in Sun

Evolving the Vnode Interface

Efficient User-Level File Cache Management on the Sun Vnode Interface

Extent-like Performance from a UNIX File System

Design and Implementation of the Sun Network Filesystem

The Sun Network Filesystem: Design, Implementation and Experience

Virtual Swap Space in SunOS

Profiling and Tracing Dynamic Library Usage Via Interposition

tmpfs: A Virtual Memory File System

The Translucent File Service [link not found]

The Automounter

The Automounter: Solaris 2.0 and Beyond [link not found]

The Autofs Automounter

Enhancements to the Autofs Automounter

Removable Media in Solaris,
Proceedings of the Winter 1993 USENIX
Technical Conference, San Diego, California,
USA , January 1993.
USENIX Association.

Zero-copy TCP In Solaris

The Process File System and Process Model
in UNIX System V

[link not found]
Evolution of the SunOS Programming Environment,
Proceedings of the Spring 1988 EUUG Conference,
Cascais, Portugal, 1988.

Implementing Berkeley Sockets in System V Release 4

Secure Networking in the Sun Environment

Fast Consistency Checking for the Solaris File System

System Isolation and Network Fast Fail Capability in Solaris

CPU Time Measurement Errors

Solaris Zones: Operating System Support for Server Consolidation

Solaris Zones: Operating System Support for Consolidating Commercial Workloads

The Slab Allocator: An Object-Caching Kernel Memory Allocator

Magazines and Vmem: Extending the Slab Allocator to Many CPUs
and Arbitrary Resources

Automatic Performance Tuning in the Zettabyte File System

Existential QoS for Storage

Dynamic Instrumentation of Production Systems

FireEngine - A New Networking Architecture for the Solaris Operating System

Some of these papers are like chapters from a book on modern OS concepts. Brilliant.

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